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Mazda 616
  • Mazda 616

    Mazda SNA 616 Chassis Name Plate 1970-1977


    Please read PURCHASE POLICY for complete purchasing instructions.

    In order to provide the correct plate(s) for your vehicle, please follow detailed instructions in "SUBMIT PICTURES" section. Failure to submit relevant information will result in cancellation of order.

    • Provide legible** picture(s) of existing plate(s). 
    • Provide legible** picture of serial number stamped on firewall/frame of vehicle.

    Lost or Missing Plates

    • Provide legible** picture of serial number stamped on firewall/frame of vehicle.
    • Provide any of the following: registration, bill of sale, or any Local authority documentation that has your legal name and vehicle information listed.

    Engine Number

    • Engine number is not required to purchase, if no engine number is applicable, enter "N/A" in the engine number field.
    • Original engine number can be used, or updated engine can also be used, in that case only the number will be stamped. The plate specification section can not be modified to reflect updated engine.

    Import Date 

    • We will do our best to estimate the correct Import Date from our own data base if you do not have one.

    Submit Pictures

    • Upload pictures from the Shopping Cart.
    • Label pictures with Vehicle Serial Number, ie. S122A-121212
    • Submit legible** individual full frame picture(s) of Mazda plate, compliance plate, and stamped serial number of vehicle firewall/frame. Click on sample picture, for acceptable overhead view submission.

    * Early style plates require model and engine specification information to be stamped. VRD will provide that service, unless specified by the customer, which should be stated in submission note in the shopping cart.

    ** Legible pictures:

    • No extreme angles, camera and plate are parallel to each other.
    • In focus (not blurry). All info on plate should be clearly seen.
    • Distance between plate and camera are not far away.
    • Enough resolution in the picture.
    • No cropped plate pictures.
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